Eating Locally Raised Meat

National CSA Directory April 26, 2019

Eating Locally Raised Meat

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For Starters

 I’d like to answer some questions about eating farm-raised meat. I have a lot of insight into local meat and where to find organic meat farms near me. I started a web site called National CSA Directory As I became more involved in the local food and farming culture, I began to eat meat raised by local farmers. That is an option that many people do not have. Thankfully with the local food movement growing annually, local synthetic free meat is more accessible than ever.


The Benefits

While organic meat does offer some health and environmental benefits over factory farming in regards to the residue, waste management, pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, the animals do not consume fewer resources or produce less waste. The best way to know your meat is humane is to develop a relationship with a producer. Be it for cattle, chickens, hogs, etc. eating locally is better than eating food that has to be transported cross country or imported from another country.


Raising animals organically does not reduce the amount of food or water required to produce meat. The animals will produce just as much waste. We hear that one way to be eco-friendly is to eat locally. This reduces the number of resources required to get food to our homes. So where are the organic meat farms near me? Check out National CSA Directory Locavores strive to build their diet around food produced within a certain distance from their home.

Organic meat farms near me
There are options

If you can’t make it out to a ranch or farm, the internet may be your next best bet. “In an age with exponential advancements in connectivity and logistics. You have options like National CSA Directory.


If you’re committed to eating 100% grass-fed beef, either because you prefer the taste, are health conscious (cattle fed a mostly-grass diet have higher levels of omega-3s, more antioxidants, can have lower levels of fat and are considered more nutritious) more and more individual producers are coming online to form a relationship with those whom they feed


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