Organic Farming Facts

National CSA Directory March 2, 2019

Organic Farming Facts

Organic Farming Facts

Why Farm Organically?

The main reasons farmers state for wanting to farm organically are their concerns for the environment. There is also an issue with the amount of energy used in agriculture. Since many farm chemicals require energy-intensive processes that rely on fossil fuels. Organic farmers find their method of farming to be very rewarding.

Healthy soil

Planting seeds in healthy soil are the most important organic farming facts we can stress. If you do not have healthy, nutrient-rich soil, plants will not be able to thrive and your farm will not be sustainable. To be a successful organic farmer, you must have a fair amount of knowledge about farming. You must know how to look after your soil, plants, and animals and make sure that they exist together as one.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is an important organic farming fact. To be certified organic, animals must be free-range and have access to organic pasture or feed for their entire lives. Organic animals are sometimes fed seaweed, minerals, and natural vitamins. Free range animals are able to live in natural groups and to behave and interact as they would in the wild.

Organic/free range

A lot of people think that organic and free-range are the same things, consequently, they aren’t. The differences between organic and free-range are vast. Organic refers to a synthetic free product. Free range farming has nothing to do with the use of chemicals: it refers to the fact that animals have access to the outdoors.


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