Why Shop at Farmers Markets

National CSA Directory March 4, 2019

Why Shop at Farmers Markets

Farmers Market Near Me Tomorrow

Farmer markets

A farmers’ market is a retail marketplace intended to sell foods directly by farmers to consumers. “Can I visit a farmers market near me tomorrow?” Farmers’ markets exist around the world, any day of the week. The size of the markets varies some are a couple of stalls and some are many city blocks. While regulated less than retail produce shops they are no less health conscious.

Whether you live in the inner city or in the suburbs, finding a farmers’ market is as easy as looking at an online directory (such as the one found at National CSA Directory)

 farmers market near me tomorrow

Why not just shop the organic section at the supermarket?

While some grocery stores do carry a small number of local and organic products, most cannot match al farmers markets in quality let alone guarantee farmers a fair price. Shopping at a farmers market also allows farmers and shoppers to get to know each other personally.  Farmers markets are an important part of building an alternative food chain. You’re now eating in a different way. You’re eating less processed food.  When you start cooking food, as opposed to buying it precooked, you consume significantly less synthetic products overall.

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